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5.到达,算计(动词词组)(22)amount to

6.孩子对母亲的眷恋(36)child’s attachment to his mother

7.把自己的成功归属于作业尽力(P.38)attribute one’s success to his hard work

8.出国旅行的pa热潮(58)a boom in overseas travel

9.使决心增加(58)boost one’s confidence

10.遇见或人;与或人磕碰(65)bump into sb.

11.值得尊敬的冠军(7sale8)a worthy champion

12.给电池充电(80)charge the battery

13.被指控偷了一辆车(80)be charged with /be accused of stealing a car


14.分布虚伪信息(84)circulate false news

15.把这些表达方式分为四种类型(85)classify the expressions into four types

16.团体的才智(89)collective intelligence

17.国之间的抵触(90)a collision between two countries

18.缺少同情心(96)lack of compassion

19.坚持专业技能(96)maintain the professional competence

20.由于他的称誉感到备受鼓动(97)feel encouraged by his compliments

21.就这一点和他到达退让(97)compromise with him on this point

22.义务教育(97)compulsory education

23.康复感觉(102)recover consciousness

24.就某事到达共同(102)reach a consensus on a matter

25.consent (名词、动词) (102)赞同;答应

26.consist in (102)在于

27.衰弱的体质(103)a weak cons高进titution

28.与遍及的观念相反(106)contrary to popular belief

29.相比之下(106) by contrast/ in constrast

30.与他的妻子不同(106) in constrast with his wife,...

31.一个致病要素(106) a contributing factor in many illnesses

32.传统的、惯例的个人电脑(107)conventional PCs

33.与...共同;与...通讯(109)correspond with

34.盼望、依靠(110)count on/upon

35.报导会议(112)cov郭碧婷微博er the conference

36.取得诺言(113)gain credit

37.或人值得赞扬(113)to one’s credit

38.对...很要害(114、115)be critical/crucial to

39.陶冶情操(115)cultivate one’s mind


Gather your efforts and make a dash for the finish line.

41.一个清晰的答案(122124)a decisive/definite answer

42.起来决议性的效果(122)play a decisive role


44.肯定值得观赏(124) be definitely/absolutely worth visiting

45.背注一掷(129) a desperate attempt

46.勤勉(132)(名词。形容词)diligence. diligent


48.溶解、缓解压力(136)dissolve stress

49.家养歌在飞,高考写作和阅读中心高级表达语块(160个)-实验室的硬件条件与科研成功之间的联系研讨的动物(139)domestic animals

50国内的新闻(139)domestic news

51.分配别人(139)dominate others

52.他预期下一年结业(144)He is due to graduate next year.

53.减轻负担(146)ease the burden

54.经济实惠型轿车(147)an economical car


56.供给情感支撑(150重返刑案现场)provide emotional support

57.忙于做某事(150)be employed/engaged/occupied in doing sth.

58.附上一份简历(151)enclose a resume

59.偶遇一位老朋友(151)encounter an old friend


61.使得...有资历取得尊重(155)be entitled to respect

62.毫无例外(161)without exception


64.以...为价值(164)at the expense of


66.促进言语学习(168)facilitate language learning


68.车湿身引诱费(172)bus fares

69.视觉盛宴(174)a visual feast

70.付巨额罚款(180)pay a heavy/large fine

71.底子无需亲身去(183)Wewon’t have to go in t小燕子的身世是长公主he flesh at all.

72.一段楼梯(183)a flight of stairs

73.承继或人的作业(185)follow in sb’s footsteps

74.照着做(185)follow suit

75.追查;持续做(185)follow up

76.成功没有法宝(189)There is no magic formula fo歌在飞,高考写作和阅读中心高级表达语块(160个)-实验室的硬件条件与科研成功之间的联系研讨r success.

77.促进团队精神(190)foster team spirit


I object to the plan on the grounds that it is too expensive.

79.财富并非美好的确保(209)Wealth is no guarantee for happiness.

80.毫不迟疑(短语220)without hesitation


82.阐明我的观念(231)to illustrate my po歌在飞,高考写作和阅读中心高级表达语块(160个)-实验室的硬件条件与科研成功之间的联系研讨int

83.赋有幻想力的孩子(232)an imaginative child

84.幻想中的、虚拟的国际(232)an imaginary world


86.从他父亲那儿承继一笔遗产(236)inherit a fortune from his father

87.我国一带一路建议(236)China’swhatever Belt and Road Initiative

88.知识产权(238.343)int簿本全彩ellectual property

89.军事干涉(239)military intervation

90.对...有激烈的爱好(244)have a keen interest in

91.谋得一份作业(246)land oneself a job

92.建议一场运动(249)launch a campaign

93.斜靠在墙上(251)lean against the wall

94.最终,总算;翔实(短语254)at length

95.使延伸;使得变长(v. 254)lengthen

96.让或人振奋起来(257)give sb. a lift

97.使或人了解(257)throw/cast light on sth.

98复方酮康唑软膏.装载着...(261) be loaded with...

99.坐落于二踢脚(261)be located in...

100.手足无措(264)be at a loss


He made out that he was a famous doctor.

102. 用户手册(270)a user mannual


104.倒不如回家(273)may/might as well go hom妊娠糖尿病e

105.凄惨的日子(281)a miserable life

106.咱们的预算远远不够(299)Our budget is nowhere near enough.

107.我的钥匙哪儿也找不到(299)My key is nowhere to be found.

108.研讨方针(300)an object of study

109.实现方针(300)achieve an objective

110.客观的点评(300)an objective assessment

111.对立克隆人类(300)object to/oppose/be opposed to/cloning humans


113.有许多对立定见(308)a lot of opposition to the deci歌在飞,高考写作和阅读中心高级表达语块(160个)-实验室的硬件条件与科研成功之间的联系研讨sion

114.悉数费用(313)the overall cost


116.吸二手烟;被迫吸烟(319)passive smoking

117.充溢热情(319)be full of passion

118.到达高峰(321)reach the peak

119.居住证(323)a residence permit

120.现象(n. 323)phenomenon(单);phenomena (复)

121.物理变化(324)a physical change

122.物质国际(324)the physical world

123.生理残损(324)a physical disability

1歌在飞,高考写作和阅读中心高级表达语块(160个)-实验室的硬件条件与科研成功之间的联系研讨24.做整形手术(327)do the plastic surgery

125.她思想开放,可塑性强(327)Her mind is open and plastic.

126.具有一份护照(332)be in possession of a passport

127.为...做准备(336)in preparation for/ make prepa企业年金rations for

128他(不管困难)前行,冲过结尾线(338)He pressed on and finally got passed the finishing line.

129.校长(n. 339) principal ==headmaster

130.基本原理、准则(短语339)the basic principle

131.在...之前;优先于(短语339)prior to...

132.优先事项;燃眉之急(短语339)a top priority

133.工作远景(短语343)career prospect

134.让国家昌盛(短语343)make our country prosperous

135.平和带来昌盛(343)Peace brings prosperity.

136.对立一项决议(344)protest a decision

137.追梦(347)pursue our dream

138.有资历做(350)be qualified for/ to do sth./have the qualification to do...

139.我喝了杯咖啡提提神(360)I refreshed myself with a cup of coffee.

140.文明遗产(363)cultural relics

141.就...而言(363)with respect to/ in respect of

142.扫除...的可能性(374) rule out the possibility that...

143.佛利民值白班/夜班(392)be on the day/night shift

144.文明冲击(393)culture shock

145.清晰、详细的方针(410)a specific goal

146.冷眼旁观(413)stand by

147.社会位置(415)social status

148.到达协议(420)strike a deal



151.纤细的距离(422)subtle differences

152.顶替父亲担任司理(422)succeed his father as manager


154.一条诱人的小路(451)a fascinating trail

155.过渡、变迁(n.452 )transition

1激素脸56.被实况转播(452)be transmitted live

157. 这个流行症被蚊子传给人类(452)The infection is transmitted to hunans by mosquitoes.

158.侵略或人的隐私(468)violate one’s privacy

159.提款(487)withdraw money

160.退学(487)withdraw from school/ drop out of school


--- By Allan Houston

Life can be good,

Life can be bad,

Life is mostly cheerful,

But sometimes sad.

Life can be dreams,

Life can be great thoughts;

Life can mean a person,

Sitting in court.

Life can be dirty,

Life can even be painful;

But life is what you make it,

So try to make it beautiful.

To our great expedition

June.4, 2019

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